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Signature Programs

High Performing Teams
Strategy Transformation and Change
Executive Wellbeing





Powerful Presence

Powerful Presence is a development workshop for people who want to succeed as leaders in the modern world. It is a highly interactive, challenging and transformative experience for people who want to make real progress with their leadership.
Powerful Presence incorporates the latest learning and research from the fields of psychology, management, neuroscience, and adult development.  This is then combined with tens of thousands of hours of practical experience in developing leaders to produce a unique and remarkable program

Participants learn to address many of the key leadership challenges and opportunities of today including;
•    Finding their own compelling reason to take up leadership and exercise it fully
•    Leveraging their unique assets and strengths into their leadership
•    Understanding and using the hidden dynamics of human behaviour
•    Engaging and mobilising people to tackle tough challenges and thrive
•    Uncovering and overcoming peoples inbuilt immunity to change
•    Staying focused and connected in a distracted world
•    Maintaining wellbeing and sustainable performance in high demand environments


Leadership Conversations

Leadership involves many conversations with many different people - peers, team members, managers, suppliers and customers.  For a multitude of different reasons - coaching, planning, problem solving, and conflict resolution to name just a few.  Many leadership conversations, every single day.  

The reality is that a leaders success is largely dependent on their ability to have influential and effective conversations with others.  

Leadership Conversations is a practical and powerful program that teaches leaders how to have highly influential and impactful interactions with their team members, peers, managers, partners, suppliers and even customers.

From participating in this experience, leaders can expect to improve their business results and the quality of their relationships with others.

During the program leaders are immersed in discussions, activities and practice sessions that help them to;
•    Distinguish between good and great leadership behaviours and practices.
•    Recognise the shape of their leadership shadow and understand how it affects their relationships and business results.
•    Develop techniques and strategies for having more effective conversations with different people – especially the tough and difficult conversations.
•    Maximise others motivation to do the important work that needs to be done.
•    Practice and hone the skills that needed to be a great leader – every day.



Masterful Facilitation

Many organisations engage Gerard to lead their own in-house leadership programs, especially where a credible, experienced, safe pair of hands is needed to create the right holding environment for learners.  

Gerard has an enormous amount of experience working with clients to help them shape their own programs.  Examples include the BHP Billiton Global Finance Leaders Program, Medibank Senior Leader Program and Australia Post Leader as Coach Program.  

He is also regularly invited to work with other development partners and suppliers to optimise the learning experience.  Examples of partners Gerard works with regularly include BTS (business simulations), People Measures (development centres), Redgum (leadership communication), Body Brain Performance (wellbeing) and Psychological Associates







High Performing Teams

Growth Teams

The performance and culture of any organisation directly reflects the way that its top teams operate.  For better or worse.
Intentional and deliberate work is often required to assist these teams to work together well, operate at higher levels of performance, and exercise leadership in an aligned and cohesive manner.
Growth Teams is a unique program that blends team workshops and individual coaching over a 6-12 month period to align leadership teams and optimize their performance.  It is especially designed to support enterprise and functional leadership teams operating in challenging transformation and growth environments.

It utilizes robust diagnostic tools, high impact workshops, and one to one coaching to optimize performance and generate the best possible team results.

At its core is a extraordinarily powerful conceptual framework that is combined with a practical process to allows the team to anchor in its unique purpose, commit to key goals and ways of working, learn and develop together, and ultimately drive disciplined execution to achieve superior results


Executive Team Wellbeing

The demands placed on an executive team are high.  To maintain high performance and high productivity for extended periods, the team must optimise its physiological and psychological resources.

We use the latest wellbeing diagnostics to measure your team health and coach the team and its members towards better wellbeing.  By doing it together, the team are able to create a supportive ecosystem that optimises the sustainable wellbeing and performance of each individual team member.


Facilitating Partnerships

Sometimes groups struggle to work together.  Sometimes the relationships become toxic and destroy potential value – for themselves, their organisations, and other key stakeholders.  

Bringing polarised groups together to find an effective way of working requires a trusted and experienced adviser.  Gerard has worked with diverse groups at the local and national level to help them form productive and sustainable partnerships.








Strategy, Transformation and Change

Thriving Through Change

Many businesses and organisations are operating in a rapidly changing disruptive environment. Leaders who merely cope with and survive these changes are unlikely to create prosperous and successful organisations.  Instead we need leaders who can mobilise themselves and their teams to take advantage of the change, innovate and thrive.
The Thriving Through Change program recognizes that many of the traditional ideas and methods that we use to teach leadership are not as helpful in developing the leadership needed to thrive in fluid and less predictable environments.  
So instead, we immerse participants in ideas and experiences that challenge their mindsets and beliefs, taking them to their learning edge, and expanding their thinking into much more productive territory.
The Thriving Through Change program is carefully constructed in partnership with our clients to ensure that it generates the right level of heat in their organisations to produce measurable outcomes.


Strategic Planning

Over 70% of strategies fail.  The principal reason is a lack of clarity, alignment, or commitment from the senior leadership team.  Silos and organisational ADD are just two well-known symptoms that result from this failure.  

It's not that senior leaders aren’t smart enough to develop great strategy.  They are.  They just don't pay enough attention to making sure that everyone is clear on the strategy, aligned to the strategy, and committed to the strategy.  

We have pioneered a method over the last two decades that allows leaders to not only bring their best thinking to develop great strategy, but to also develop great commitment and capacity for execution.  


Transformation Readiness

So you have a big plan to transform your organisation.  Whether it's an ambitious technology led transformation, or a far reaching customer-led transformation, odds are you are about to invest a sizeable chunk of your company’s financial and management capital to your plan.  

Despite your confidence about the plan, you may be feeling a little nervous or worried about your organisations readiness to execute.  You may even be wondering whether your organisations culture and leadership can support the transformation. Will you be able to realise the benefits you can picture in your mind so clearly?

Gerard has consulted on some of Australia's largest corporate transformations over the last two decades and can support you and your senior team to torque the odds of transformation success in your favour.







Executive Wellbeing

Executives and leaders are expected to maintain high levels of performance and productivity for lengthy periods of time.  The quality of their leadership and the decisions that they make is directly proportional to their wellbeing.  Executives that are depleting their physical and mental resources faster than they can replace them can end up making bad decisions, negatively impact others performance and can eventually experience burnout.


We have a vision in which leaders that focus on their wellbeing perform at their best, achieve work-life balance, maintain healthy practices and create more productive team cultures.


This vision is inspired by Gerard’s personal journey in operating at highest and most demanding levels of leadership, whilst maintaining work-life balance and healthy practices.  Our vision is enabled by decades of practice, a deep understanding the relevant research, and access to some of the best resources and expertise in this area.

As a result we are able to bring the latest research-based wellbeing diagnostics and development techniques to equip senior leaders with the resources they need to flourish in high-demand environments. Our programs range from 1:1 executive coaching, work with executive teams and through to larger classroom style sessions for up to 20 leaders at a time.


During our Executive Wellbeing workshops, we work with leaders to establish the connection between wellbeing and work performance, as well as life satisfaction.  We help them cultivate the conditions in which they can go on to develop effective, driven teams, and an organizational culture of balance, growth, and sustainability. 


As a GLWS ® strategic partner, we create organisations and leaders with balance and purpose both in and out of work.  GLWS brings the latest research-based wellbeing diagnostics and development techniques to equip senior leaders with the resources they need to flourish in high-demand environments.  


We have invested in GLWS as a powerful and accessible way for leaders and team members to understand their state of wellbeing today, and take informed action to achieve higher levels of wellbeing. 



Upon completion of our workshops, participants can expect to achieve

  • Better health outcomes
  • Greater satisfaction at work and outside of work
  • More sustainable energy and vitality
  • More effective stress management practices
  • Enhanced emotional equilibrium and resilience


Our workshops are custom designed to suit each client’s specific  needs and goals.  Click HERE to get in contact. 


For more information on GLWS please head to the website