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Our Beliefs


Top Down, Leader-Led

The single biggest influence on leadership culture is top team behavior. Monkey see, monkey do.  We work with senior leaders who are prepared to do the work on themselves first.

Leadership is a Laboratory

Leaders shouldn't have all the answers.  Instead they should have a few good questions and a willingness to run experiments and learn from failures on a daily basis.  People and organisations that are afraid to experiment and fail are inevitably unable to learn at the pace this world demands

Leading Hearts, Minds and Hands

The purpose of leadership is to engage fully with the thoughts, feelings and actions of those we seek to lead. People are not machines and are rarely predictable or linear.  It is complex, sometimes messy, but very important work.

Measure Impact

Development has no ROI until it changes something in the workplace.  Before we run any program or intervention we identify how it is intended to impact.  We then measure the impact.  If we cannot measure impact, we do not do the work.