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How the Tigers got Strong



I recently read an article in The Age newspaper that contained an extract from Konrad Marshall’s book on Richmond Football Club and their march to the premiership after 37 years in the wilderness.


I was delighted to discover that they used a team building technique that many of my clients have used over the last several years to strengthen their executive teams.


They called it their Triple H sessions, a method that they were trialing to build team trust and cohesion.


In these sessions, each team member shares three intimate and revealing stories about themselves.  One of hardship, one of heroism, and the third a highlight or highpoint.


In recounting the impact of these sessions they spoke of vulnerability, tears, and the forging of deep connections of trust.


This has been my experience in executive teams when running these sorts of sessions – from big burly miners, to sharp banking executives the experience is the same.


Most importantly the impact on the fabric of the team is profound. The deep sense of trust that is forged provides a holding environment for the team to do really tough work without fracturing.  The tougher the work they can do together, the stronger they become and the higher they can reach.


I highly recommend the process and the experience to any leader that wants to build a stronger team.